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EV Charging

More and more people in the UK are switching to electric vehicles everyday. People are becoming more environmentally aware and companies are replacing their diesel cars with electric versions. An Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger allows you to charge your vehicle while it is parked, be it at home or at your business. 

At Solar Serve we are experts when it comes to the installation and maintenance of EV Chargers, be it for commercial or domestic purposes. We are also approved suppliers and installers of Zappi EV Chargers

Combine your EV Charger with Solar Panels

EV Chargers are charged from the grid, if you install solar panels of your home you will eventually save much more when charging your electric vehicle. While electricity from the grid will continue to rise in price, the energy from your solar panels will come with no additional costs.

You can contact us if you have any further questions regarding EV Chargers and their installation.