The Benefits of Solar PV

Solar PV electricity (solar photovoltaic) has many benefits and is fast becoming homeowners’ go-to when looking to move towards an environmentally friendly future. Many homeowners are looking to reduce their energy usage for economic and environmental reasons, and solar PV is the ideal solution.

Here we look at some of the main advantages of investing in a solar PV system.


Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Solar PV systems create zero-carbon electricity from sunlight, making them extremely environmentally friendly. Most solar PV panels are made from silicon – produced from sand, a natural resource. Solar PV systems do not release pollutants or CO2, so they are not creating anything harmful to the environment. They can produce up to 50% of the average household’s annual electricity usage, saving significant CO2 release. Solar PV systems do not produce noise, smells or gasses, and therefore help to reduce your carbon footprint.


Cut Down on Energy Bills

All electricity that your solar PV system generates is free. Considering these panels can generate up t0 50% of your annual electricity usage, that substantially reduces energy bills. This means you will likely just be paying for the cost of electricity used in the evening or overnight. You can also choose to collect energy in batteries for future use, which will help to bring that bill down even more. With the recent extreme increases in energy prices, this is a great way to ensure you stop your utility bills from climbing even higher.


No Need to Rely on Energy Suppliers

With everything going on around the globe impacting the supply of natural fossil fuels, we have seen our energy bills climb to shocking prices. Contacting and relying on energy supply companies can be draining and time-consuming. Providing a substantial amount of your own electricity will reduce your interaction with commercial energy suppliers. You will also not have to endure the full impact of the price rises.


Solar PV systems can be installed affordably and provide large quantities of power, making them cost-effective and a fantastic long-term investment. They are also durable and low-maintenance, so you will not have costly bills for regular cleaning or fixing the panels. Another point to consider is that using solar energy makes you more aware of your energy usage, which could lead to wiser choices and further reduce your overall energy costs.


Boost Property Appeal and Value

Increasing your home’s energy efficiency will make it more appealing to potential buyers and boost its value. The future will only be more environmentally friendly, with many homes becoming more aware of the environment and sustainability. Solar PV systems will increase in popularity in the coming years.


Reliable and Flexible

Solar PV systems are highly reliable, with the technology used for over 50 years in various ways. Many solar PV panel providers offer 20 or even 30 years warranties as they have a long lifespan. They are also flexible and can be moulded to fit the size of your property. This versatility, teamed with their durability, makes solar PV systems a reliable option.


Final Thoughts

Solar PV panels are an excellent investment that provides up to half of a household’s energy consumption while protecting the environment. Their longevity makes them a reliable and low-maintenance addition to your home that could increase value. With long-term warranties and year-round usage, solar PV panels have many benefits. Generating your own energy allows you to break free from commercial energy suppliers and manage your own electricity usage. While you will still be using their resources, you will not have to rely on them as you would if you were entirely dependent on their supply.

While some homeowners prefer to invest in solar thermal panels, solar PV systems remain the leading choice across the UK due to their long-term economic and environmental benefits.

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