What Is Green Energy?

With more people across the UK looking for more environmentally friendly ways of living, green energy is a hot topic. The cost of energy from commercial suppliers is shooting up at an alarming rate, and the effects of using fossil fuels are harming the planet, so many people are turning to environmentally friendly alternatives.

Here we discuss all you need to know about green energy.

Green Energy

Green energy refers to renewable energy that is kinder to the environment than traditional energy sources. It includes solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, biomass and wind sources. These natural, renewable resources are far kinder to the environment than fuels such as coal and oil.


The Difference Between Clean Energy and Green Energy

Clean energy and green energy are different, yet they are commonly used interchangeably. So, Let’s look at the clear distinctions between the two.

Clean Energy

Clean energy can be renewable but also non-renewable. Either way, clean energy produces very low to no emissions.

Green Energy

Green energy is entirely renewable sources that produce zero greenhouse gasses and pollutants when creating power. Green energy is the only energy source that causes zero environmental harm and does not depend on any limited resources. Its popularity grows each year thanks to technological advancements, making it even more efficient and affordable. Solar panels are more accessible now due to how cost-effective they are, and they will provide energy consistently, even on shady days. Many residential areas benefit from wind turbines, which are a highly efficient power source.


Green Energy – Different Types

Green energy includes several power sources which can be used to provide energy in businesses and homes across the globe. Let’s look at the most commonly used sources of green energy:

Solar Energy

Solar energy is any energy that has been produced by the sun. It uses photovoltaic cells to convert sun rays into power. Solar panels are panels fixed to roofs that create energy from the sun, even in cloudy weather.

Wind Energy

Wind energy, or wind power, refers to electricity generated using wind turbines that catch kinetic energy. The turbines have blades that act like a fan in the wind and are often situated in large rural places that have a lot of wind.


Geothermal Energy

Geothermal power is harnessed from the heat in fluids and rocks in the earth’s core. They use this heat to create steam that charges an electric turbine. Geothermal plants are usually sited near places with high geothermal energy, such as volcanos.

Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power is created using falling water. Hydroelectric plants are set up near large expanses of water to ensure they can produce a lot of power without negatively impacting the environment.

Biomass Energy

Biomass power is renewable energy from organic plant-based materials such as agricultural waste, manure and wood chips. When burned, these materials create electricity from the energy in them obtained from the sun.


The Benefits of Green Energy

Green energy has great benefits for homes and businesses. It reduces our carbon footprint by lowering greenhouse gasses and pollution. Green energy is also appealing as it moves away from non-renewable energy, such as coal and oil. It helps to shrink energy bills and reduce dependency on commercial energy suppliers. Green energy is an economical, responsible and environmentally friendly energy source that benefits homes and businesses across the globe.

Although there will be an initial cost when investing in solar panels, all energy produced from your solar panels will be free, and the return on your investment will far outweigh the set-up cost. All forms of renewable energy are low-maintenance and long-term solutions that are good for the planet and limit the cost passed on from suppliers for traditional energy supplies.


Green Energy – The Conclusion

Green energy is environmentally and economically beneficial and a fantastic way to decrease our reliance on fossil fuels. Using renewable energy will help shape a cleaner future for generations to come. Green energy is a highly efficient and endless method of generating power safely and cost-effectively.


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